time to finish

Ok, so far ive come really far recently, ive added a lot more to the robot, it can drive and steer and can carry a plate. i am very proud of myself for putting the time i n to build it, i have tried exremely hard for this project and i'm happy to see how much i've prevailed, over the past weeks. I may have finished one half of the project but the second half is still to come. as the school year is ending and IDU is aproaching i only have  small gap of time in which i can do my cooking project. along with all the other work that i have in every other class for the end of the year. today and tomorow i will try and finish as much of any homework that i have. But on sunday we will go and get all the groceries, then iwll right down the recipes on paper for mrs maclean, the i will get to work. i will make the gummies first, because they take 6 hours to cool down. then i will make the dip, then follow that with a beverage (the dip might be spicy). and finally i will finish with main …

feeling stuck

Ok guys, so i'm in a little bit of pickle, with the build. I'm still having trouble finding time to build. Plus over the weekend I slept on my wrist in a weird way and when I woke up it was sore. I tried building but it hurt pulling on pieces so I stopped. But i'm trying to get cole over, but he changed his idea again. So now he needs all 8 wheels. That puts a hole in my plan, but i'm a pretty good negotiator, and I only need 2 wheels. You see where this going wright, I'll try and find a way to borrow 2 wheels even for one video. I know I said that I would strive to build but I let myself down. Plus after school today i'm going out for supper with my grandparents. This time I will actually try to build, though I only have a bit of a body for the robot I know that I can pull this off before IDU. Btw me and cole are partners and we are looking into some sort of mechanical/lego stuff. I have been practising cooking different things with my dad, getting ready for …

pushing threw, final stretch

OK, so this week I will strive to find time to build, due to the fact that, yes I have been failing to find time to build. So I would like to push forward and make as many advancements as possible over the next 2 weeks. I hope I can find time to have Cole over because I need to finish up. Because someone has already finished their family studies cooking project. Which gives me some stress. Because I have to wait until week seven of passion projects to cook and present. How ever we are coming up on the final stretch of this project, Cole has been sick on and off and I'm worried. That i may not be able to get him over. this is my plan for week five, I look forward to week 6.

New plan, failed idea

OK, so right before lunch today I was introduced to a project in family studies, the project is about cooking at home, and immediately the idea clicked, so now instead of making a 3 course meal I will make a four course meal, and those courses will be chicken fired rice, french toast, and a nacho dip of some sort. For the desert. I will make homemade gummies, because a few weeks ago I watched a video on YouTube. It was a tutorial on how to make your own delicious gummies. The best thing about my new idea is that I will be eliminating 2 birds with 1 stone, because I will be getting two projects at the same time!

OK, now let's get to the first obstacle of my passion project. The other day, the correct part arrived, and I was very happy, and I began building the following day. I recalled an idea that my dad had suggested about the robot a few weeks ago due to my shortage of large wheels. The idea was to have one large wheel in/on the back part of the robot, but I know what your think…

Shipment gone wrong!

Yesterday after school I got home and I was very excited to open the box that was sitting on my counter. I was expecting 2 XL motors, 1 receiver and 1 remote but what I sought was not what I got. I opened up the box and was happy to see the remote, the receiver and the XL motor, but the second XL motor was not an XL motor. It was a weird type of motor that's used for steering on some Lego Technic sets. It has no use to me, I was very confused and I didn't know what to do. So I called my mother and she told me to call the number on the order itinerary. I contacted the number and told them what happened. They apologised immediately and ensured that a new XL motor would arrive within 2 days. Today I'm spending my time writing my blog and researching the ingredients for my recipes. I have a feeling that I will have some trouble when it comes to putting the motors in to play. That's where my backup comes in - COLE. Cole has been building and playing with Lego Technic since …

60 second pitch and video step 2

Today my 60 second pitch went well. I hope that people say yes because I want to make this work. If its under 80% then I wasted hours and went threw a hand cramp for no reason taking apart 3 pre-built Lego sets. Also I have been researching recipes a lot and I have finally picked them out, they look delicious. Also I have researched a lot about the power functions and which ones i need. I'm a little worried though because I may not have wheels that are big enough for this project. Luckily Nash has volunteered very kindly to bring in 4 wheels that I pray will be the right size. if there not I may have to order the right pair which will cost more money that I shouldn't need to spend. fingers crossed there the right size.

week 1 stuarts passion project

My idea for my passion project is to build a vehicle/robot that will go back and forth carrying plates full of food that i have made, it will be 3 course meal I'm looking forward to building. This is where I'll be recording my information threw out out the next 8 can't wait to see the final product,   for week one i will be researching Lego power functions in order to help with the vehicle/robot that will be delivering the meal, due to the fact that i do not have enough motors/ gadgets to build the creation, i will also research and recipes for the foods of my choice.